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Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing?

These days, we hear about online marketing in every business you seem to run into.  So, what is so great about online marketing? We have compiled a list of reasons you may want to look into online marketing for your business needs instead of Traditional marketing.

It’s where the people are – the whole point of marketing is to get your brand in front of your target market as much as possible promote brand awareness.  So, where is an easy place to find the most people in your target market? The internet of course!  There are so many different avenues to reach your audience with online marketing, that you can literally reach hundreds or even thousands of people with your brand and not even leave the convenience of your home.

Why use online marketing?

Cost Efficient – Traditional marketing, such as print media, broadcast, direct mail, etc. can be quite costly.  Social media marketing and Search engine optimization is much more affordable, and your reach can be the same, if not greater!

Easy Access for your Audience – These days, everyone is looking for convenience.  If someone gets a postcard in the mail, they must hold on to that postcard then remember to call, email or visit your website to contact you or find out more information about your product.  With online marketing, people are already on social media, with just one easy click, they can be directed to your website or your contact information straight from the ad itself.  The success rate of follow through is great with online marketing.

Easier Measurements – Traditional marketing is great, and is a great way to reach certain audiences, but one thing it is lacking is measurability.  There are very limited ways of knowing how many people read your piece, or visited your website from that postcard, unless you are able to talk with them directly.  With online marketing, there are many lead capturing tools to help show you where your marketing dollars are best spent, and where you may not want to continue advertising.  Therefore, giving you a better investment for your advertising dollar.

So why are you still stuck on traditional marketing?  Although, these are great options for part of your marketing budget, online marketing is a sure way to increase your reach to your target audience.  Talk with Your Web Guys today to find out which online marketing service is best for you and your business!

Introducing Industry Specific Solutions

For quite some time we have been developing websites for many different companies in all kinds of industries.  While doing so we have found that some industries need specific functionality in order to have an effective web presence.

For example, a Realestate agency or agent needs to be able to easily and effectively display the listings they have at any time.  However, they also need to be able to display them automatically on a map and have the agent’s social media and contact information on each one.  There are documents and brochures and any number of other things that need to be listed with each property as well as cross referencing each one depending on their amenities such as plot size and square footage.

Another example would be a restaurant.  Not only do they need to be able to display their menu and where they are located, but they might also want to have people be able to place an order for pickup or book a reservation online as well.

We developed, and are developing, systems with functionality specific to industries which need those kinds of unique systems.  Currently we have systems for the following industries, and are adding more all the time:


If you don’t see your industry on the list above, contact us! We would love to develop something that will suit your specific needs at a price that fits your budget.