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Live in The DFW Area? You Need a Dallas Web Designer!

Web designers come in all shapes and sizes.  You can find full services website design companies, templated based web designers, designers that only do the basic set up of your site… the list keeps going.   But why is it important to find a local website designer that can help you achieve your website goals?  Here are a few reasons we think using a local, Dallas web designer is so important.

Local is better – What does that mean to you?  They know your area and can relate to the conditions that are going on around you. Plus, they can offer in house services, such as photography, so that you can get all you need from one company.

Find a Dallas web design specialist today!

Easy to Connect – These days, we all know the importance of working with a company that is easy to talk to and get in touch with.  A lot of times, the headquarters aren’t even in the same state or country as you.  Designing your businesses website is tough enough.  Make sure to get a Dallas web designer so that you can be sure that you will get in touch of someone quickly and easily.

In-Person Meetings – Whether it be for an initial meeting, photography, or follow up services, having a local Dallas web designer can allow you to easily schedule meetings for any of your website needs. Just a short drive to the local meeting spot can give you piece of mind and help you put a face with the name of the team that you are working with on your important projects.

When you are ready to look for the designer for your website, make sure that you search for a local, Dallas web designer, like Your-Web-Guys.  They make a tough task, easy, fun and worry free!

Online Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing?

These days, we hear about online marketing in every business you seem to run into.  So, what is so great about online marketing? We have compiled a list of reasons you may want to look into online marketing for your business needs instead of Traditional marketing.

It’s where the people are – the whole point of marketing is to get your brand in front of your target market as much as possible promote brand awareness.  So, where is an easy place to find the most people in your target market? The internet of course!  There are so many different avenues to reach your audience with online marketing, that you can literally reach hundreds or even thousands of people with your brand and not even leave the convenience of your home.

Why use online marketing?

Cost Efficient – Traditional marketing, such as print media, broadcast, direct mail, etc. can be quite costly.  Social media marketing and Search engine optimization is much more affordable, and your reach can be the same, if not greater!

Easy Access for your Audience – These days, everyone is looking for convenience.  If someone gets a postcard in the mail, they must hold on to that postcard then remember to call, email or visit your website to contact you or find out more information about your product.  With online marketing, people are already on social media, with just one easy click, they can be directed to your website or your contact information straight from the ad itself.  The success rate of follow through is great with online marketing.

Easier Measurements – Traditional marketing is great, and is a great way to reach certain audiences, but one thing it is lacking is measurability.  There are very limited ways of knowing how many people read your piece, or visited your website from that postcard, unless you are able to talk with them directly.  With online marketing, there are many lead capturing tools to help show you where your marketing dollars are best spent, and where you may not want to continue advertising.  Therefore, giving you a better investment for your advertising dollar.

So why are you still stuck on traditional marketing?  Although, these are great options for part of your marketing budget, online marketing is a sure way to increase your reach to your target audience.  Talk with Your Web Guys today to find out which online marketing service is best for you and your business!

Your One Stop Shop For Local Website Consultants

Web design from your local website consultants

If you have been looking for local website consultants, look no further!  Your-Web-Guys is a one stop shop to help you with all of your website needs.  Whether it be Web design, SEO, Social Media or Online Marketing, Photographer, Scripting, or web hosting Your-Web-Guys is sure to be able to help you with all of your web needs!

So, to give a cliffsnote version of what all Your-Web-Guys can offer to you, we have created a quick and easy guide to help explain how each of the services offered works and what you should look for in your local website consultants:

Design & Development – We start from scratch. Our design team talks with you to discuss exactly what you want the look and function of your site to be.  From there, we work with you to pick out a layout to give you an easy to visualize starting point of what your overall site will look like.  All of the layouts can be customized and changed to fit your needs, but this is a great starting point.  Then, on we go to customization!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What good is a website if no one can find it?  Search Engine Optimization is how search engines suggest to optimize your website to get better listings over the long term.  We use white hat, natural or organic SEO.  We work on titles, descriptions, keyword density, alt tags, page rank and back links to increase your websites placement and give the best possible chance of being in the top results when someone is searching online.

Online and Social Media Marketing – Let’s face it, whether you like social media or not, everyone uses social media sites in some way or another.  Your business presence needs to be there as well!  Whether you are interested in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or a combination of SEO and Social Media Marketing – we have it all!  Our specialist are able to set up accounts in social media sites as well as maintain your presence on these sites as well.

Photography – Your-Web-Guys sets itself apart from other local website consultants and offers a variety of specialized services to be your one stop shop.  Stock photos work for some things, but a professional website requires beautiful graphic design and professional custom photography is a must. One of the members on your website design team will be a professional photographer.  This photographer will take photos of your location, you and your staff, your products, events and just about anything else that you might want to include on your site!

Web Hosting – Our websites are hosted on dedicated servers for Your-Web-Guys clients only.  This ensure that we do not share bandwidth or processing speeds with hundreds of other websites and hosting companies.   A fast, functional website is a necessity to having a successful website.  We cut no corners with our clients.

As you search for your local website consultant – be sure that they can provide a full service experience for your business.  Your-Web-Guys is dedicated to providing all of the essentials to get your website working for you, instead of the other way around.

Why Choose A Custom Website?

These days, every business has a website.  You almost have to in order to be competitive in today’s market.   Make sure that your website is a touch above the rest with a custom website designed by Your-Web-Guys.
Below are a few of the reasons we suggest you look at custom websites vs. template websites for your business.

  1. Show Your Clients You Are Serious About Your Business – Whether they know it or not, your customers look at your website and use it determine how professional your business is.  A well-built, custom website can help sell your business and your products better and allow you to be taken more seriously.
  2. Stand the Test of Time – Just like your business, you want your website to last for years to come. There is nothing worse than your company growing and having to revamp your entire website because the template you choose may be out of style or not be relevant anymore.  A custom website allows you to update and grown as your business does as well.  After all, isn’t that the goal?  Plan for long term!
  3. One Size Doesn’t Fit All – A template website is just that. A template.  It’s a great jumping board for some websites, but for a business, you want a website that custom fits your specific product.  A custom website is designed around your product and business – not the other way around.
  4. Search Engine Friendly – One benefit of having a website for your business is being found online easily by customers that you might not be marketing offline to already. So, how do you get online searchers to come to your webpage?  Have a custom website that is designed to work with and pull your website closer to the top of the search list when customers are searching.  A custom website can be designed to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) so that your marketing dollars go further.

If you are searching for website that has the ability to last longer, fit your product, look professional, and pull up higher on search engines – a custom website is the way to go.  Your-Web-Guys has a team that can help you create a website that fits the needs and scope of your business!

A custom website can help boost your online presence!